She Minecrafts

I'm a twenty three year old female. I play Minecraft. I've been playing since the dawn of the Alpha. I'm happily married to the Minecrafter Ogoshi. I'm not a builder, I'm an explorer. I take an excess of landscape screenshots.

These are snapshots of my adventures and experiments, enjoy the versatility of these crazy-beautiful cubes.

Credit: Mostly mine.

Our wolf

Ogoshi and I are picking up a pup from a rescue this week -any suggestions for unique dog names are welcome!

Edit: Male, weimaraner

  1. fibberisland said: herobrine! lol
  2. riverdg1 said: Paco.
  3. zeroduality said: I like the sound of “Hamburger”, cashat. xP
  4. etchpea said: North!
  5. fedorvati said: Sorin
  6. icallmejack said: Herobrine.
  7. blackrosevenom said: Filtiarn (Filtiarn means lord of wolves in Celtic)
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